What does my dental plan cover?

This is perhaps one of the most complex questions we are asked on a daily basis and unfortunately there

is no simple answer. There are over 50 dental insuring companies that we work with on a regular basis

and each one offers a multitude of plans. All of those plans have varying levels of coverage and usually

many limitations to the types and frequency of treatment they will pay for.

We act as a third party for you when dealing with your dental plan. The insurance offered you is,

actually a contract between the insuring company, your employer and yourself. As a courtesy we will try

to obtain as much information as possible prior to your appointment and then bill your dental plan

directly for any portion they will cover. We always strive to give you a full estimate before proceeding

with any treatment so that you are aware of the total cost, and will send for written predetermination

for many cases. Ultimately anything not covered by the insurance is the patient’s responsibility.

How can we help you work with your plan for better dental health?

On May 31, 2016

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