Orthodontic Dentistry

Once thought of as a treatment just to improve a person’s smile, orthodontics actually provides a far greater level of care to our patients. Orthodontic dentistry helps to correct crowded and misaligned teeth and jaws. Through the use of traditional brackets and wires, or Invisalign, we can help patients achieve better function, dental health and often times overall health. Crowded teeth are difficult to keep clean, leading to an increase in dental decay and gum disease, while misaligned teeth make chewing difficult, often causing people to have discomfort in their facial muscles and joints in addition to difficulty digesting.

For years this treatment was considered only for teenagers, however, many adults are choosing to have orthodontic treatment as they look towards a long healthy life. Adults who have orthodontic treatment realize that as they age the ability to keep their teeth clean and eat properly will be beneficial in adding quality to their senior years.

It’s never too late to make your teeth straight.

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